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"Once a year, go someplace

you've never been before."

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    Welcome to website which is targeted for tourists and people who own tourist facilities which are worth a visit.

    Information about tourist places to visit and see on your tours around the world.


    Find information about restaurants, hotels, transport, sights, attractions, museums, galleries and nightlife.

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    Tourist places & things to do near me


    What to join near me

    Do not miss any concert, festival or social event near you in city. Be informed about all cool events and be ready to enjoy them.

    Cafes & Pubs

    Coffee and drinks near me

    It's coffee time. Find cafe or pub near you and enjoy a great taste of coffee or local drinks.


    Night clubs near me

    After a day in sightseeing refresh your body and mind in clubs which will charge you with new energy and maybe with something more.


    Places to eat near me

    Are you hungry? Search for the best place where to eat your favorite food. It does not matter whether it is ethnic, fast food or family style restaurant because it is still the best part of day, is not it?


    Where to stay

    Oh yes. Your body have to sleep on tours, too. Choose from hotels, hostels, B$Bs, motels, camping and more.


    Things to do near me

    Browse and learn about the top attractions in cities with our Attractions Guide to help plan your tour. Find a great options for everyone.


    Places to visit near me

    Are you decided to do some sightseeing? Check sights in cities where you leave or you plan a sightseeing tour.

    Museums and Galleries

    What to see near me

    Do you like presentations of valuable or historical artifacts? Enjoy the best expressions or applications of human creative skills and imaginations in museums and galleries.


    Ways to get around

    Check out possibilities how to get around in cities where you plan your tour or where you live now. Rental cars, public transport, places where taxicabs park while waiting and more.