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Transport around Prague is not too complicated. No major city is a maze of old streets that were not built for motor traffic. It is therefore not recommended to travel by car through the city center. The best is to walk around the center on foot or ride public transportation.


Prague has its own subway. There are four routes to distinguish colors and runs daily from 5:00 am. to midnight. Morning and afternoon run subway in two minute intervals in a four-minute later.


Almost all over the city ride the tram. Mostly trams run every five to eight minutes. Trams run in the evening from five to fifteen minutes.


Buses run mainly through the suburbs at the same intervals as the trams.

Night Transport

Night 'tram' (number 51-58) running between midnight and 4:30 every thirty- forty minutes. However, the night bus routes are changing, but all trams stop at the station Lazarska in a new city. Subway run in ten minute intervals at night.


Tickets for the bus, tram or metro can be bought at almost every station stop. Tourists are advised not to purchase a ticket several days, which applies to all modes of transport.


Another means of transport is the taxi. The most rewarding call through the hotel, trapping a taxi on the street is not recommended. Unreliable taxi drivers often give high prices.