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About T-Cities

Read about us and our goals.

T-Cities is a worldwide tourist guide, which is completely free.

Our website application targets all tourists and people who own tourist facilities which are worth a visit.


Browse tourist places to visit near you on tours in cities around the world and check information about them.

The aim is to share information about cities that are useful for tourists. Information about tourist places to visit and see on your tours around the world. On this website you can read about sights, tourist attractions, hotels, places to visit and things to do. You can also find what to do in city during your tours. There is information about transport and nighlife in cities, too. I think that all what you need to know when you will visit beautiful cities around the world.

Browse important and interesting questions and answers about 'things to do' and tourist places in cities. In the case you have some question which is not included on this site do not be shy and add your question into the list. T-Cities and other travelers can answer to you and you will informed about that via email.

On our blog page you can read interesting articles about TOP tourist places to visit in cities.


Register your facilities on our web application and be visible for travellers. Add events and send it to registered travellers via email. Do not forget to update your profile because it will bring your facility into first place on the list.

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