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    Public transport

    Storstockholms Lokal Trafik (SL) operates the Stockholm integrated network of subway, railway, buses and trams. The core of the system consists of a metro (tunnelbana). The stations are marked with a blue 'T' on a white background, they run daily 5:00 to 01:00 (later on weekends). It is integrated with rail service, although services trains are less frequent.


    The buses are open daily from 06:00 to 24:00, night bus routes are limited.


    In the metropolis are not many trams. Tourists recommend Djurg?rdslinjen (no. 7) as it passes many city sights. Single tickets, valid for any kind of transport can be purchased on board the bus or the metro station. Rabattkupong (discount coupons) are available in newsstands. SL Tourist Card allows the owner free transportation by public transport so. Large Stockholm. Stockholm Card (Stockholmskortet) provides free public transport among other benefits. Purchase them at the Stockholm Information Center.


    Taxis can be hailed on the streets waved or booked by telephone. It is also possible online reservation, the payment can use most credit cards. Higher rates for evenings and weekends. Tips are included in the price of transport.

    Driving in the City

    Because metropolis is scattered across more than 14 islands, it is the most ideal for drivers who do not get used to the local conditions. Visitors are advised to use an excellent public transport system. Cost of fuel is among the highest in Europe. The main parks: Galleriangaraget in the Galleria complex, Hamngatan 37, or phusis Pub, Slöjdgatan 3. Carpark. Stockholm Parkering offers many parking facilities in the city.


    The minimum age for car hire is 18 years, the applicant should possess a driving license for at least one year, submit credit card and passport. Some larger cars are restricted to those 24 years.